Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival
transforms sand to water

This year’s theme: “Life under the sea”

For the fifteenth year running, Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival invites guests to an impressive exhibition in the world of sand art. Based on the theme "Life under the sea," 12,000 tonnes of sand from western Jutland will be moulded and transformed into a veritable sea of marine life. When the festival site officially opens to the public on 27 May, 2017, visitors will be greeted by seven seas of sheer frenzy, where giant blue whales from the North Atlantic frolic near beautiful and fantastical coral reefs from the Pacific Ocean. But tread waters with care! Piranhas lurk in the depths, ready to attack when you’re distracted by the playful dolphins.

This year's theme provides insight into the wild and impressive world of marine animals, immersing both children and adults in a spectacle full of life and adventure.

148,200 guests set a visitor record in 2016
In 2016, a record audience visited the festival site in Søndervig, where the theme "Africa's wildlife" attracted a total of 148,200 visitors from near and far. This year's theme builds upon the same recipe, inviting 40 of the foremost Danish and international sand sculptors. And they have already announced surprises and an exciting set-up. Many are returning sculptors from Søndervig’s first sand sculpture festival in 2003, and they know what it takes to impress an expectant audience.

Especially the 200-meter-long and seven-meter-high sculpture wall is a crowd favourite, highlighted as the festival’s main attraction year after year. The site is open to the public during the construction of the various marine and animal sculptures, which begins 10 days before the official opening. Here you can really get an insight into the creative process and experience how top international artists bring life to their creations.

This year’s theme is presented in collaboration with WWF Denmark 
Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival has again chosen to work closely with the World Wildlife Fund, which is this year calling attention to endangered species in oceans across the globe. By supporting WWF’s outstanding efforts, Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival highlights the organisation's important work to protect the world's fish stocks and marine environment.


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